About Us

As with the vision of UABA the summit will provide a platform for opportunities for partnerships and networks. It is an opportunity to bring blockchain platforms, business and regulators to share ideas and showcase the technology.
28 - 30 November 2022. Venue: Ciela Resort, The International Convention Centre, Lusaka
Blockchain technology has given rise to a great increase in digital financial services offering new innovations in financial technologies, different business models, and new approaches to service delivery.

These new opportunities have deepened financial inclusion and expanded access to the financial system for previously under-served groups especially in the emerging markets here in Africa. There are opportunities to reduce costs in doing business, create more business and jobs.
There is a willingness to adopt blockchain technology on the continent and in Zambia.
The country is open for business and ready for blockchain adoption. We have a fantastic presence in the country. We are currently conducting a government supported blockchain for social good projects.
  • 1. One Million For Blockchain (1MB) program led education awareness in 20 african countries.
  • 2. 9 Countries chapters grew from our education campaigns in Africa.
  • 3. In Zambia the following developments:
    • - Partnership with Ministry of Tech & Science.
    • - Training of government officials in blockchain technology.
    • - Appointing of new board for UABA Zambia chapter.
    • - Campus Blockchain Education campaign.
    • - The Youth Empowerment Project.
  • • Establish Africa as open for business.
  • • Create a annual event that would attract people, organizations, government
Zambia is open for business in the digital financial services space.
  • • An open platform to understand what blockchain technology can do.
  • • That Zambia is open and has embraced tech as the future for economic growth.